Legging Season is Upon Us

Indeed ~ Legging Season is Upon Us

I have restructured just a bit, and will be sharing my leggings of the week, or sometimes more often depending on the market However, I will be sharing affiliate links for the most part. I may have a special run from time to time, but you can always click on one of the tiles on the side of this site to go directly to one of your favorites. I have quite a few, I love them all for different reasons, so I will be sharing them with you here 🙂

If I do a special run, I will post in here and let you know what the items will be, and when I will go live to sell them. That is the only way you will be able to buy them. Since I will not have an online store like I did before, be sure to catch my live and claim what you want there or on the replay.

Most of all, I just love sharing great discounts and value to all of you. I love nothing more than a great bargain, and love sharing them with you as well

Stay tuned as I get everything organized.

See you Live soon!
Priscilla L Brooks, Legging-Lover

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