Yes!  Here is your sneak peak  New legging Releases 11-01-2019 with MyLaLa

I know which ones I am getting 🙂

These new releases will be available at 9am PST tomorrow…..don’t miss out, these will sell out quickly 🙂

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Here is a sneak peek of new legging releases for 10-18-2019 tomorrow morning by 9am PST


Which ones will you get into your cart in the morning?  I am going to get the thanksgiving ones for my grandbaby

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Priscilla L Brooks, Legging-Lover

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Popeye and Betty Boop licensed custom yoga band leggings pre-order running now!  All orders due 12-21

These leggings are amazing 😍

OS. TC. TC2 sizes available
OS TC sizes available
OS. TC. sizes available
OS TC. TC2 available

Text your order to 559-296-9162

$25 ea; $12.50 due upfront and remaining $12.50 due prior to shipment.   Leggings will arrive middle to end of January 💜

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Why I love Leggings!

You may ask, “Why I Love Leggings?”, well it is pretty simple…….

In January of 2017 I discovered Leggings.  My first experience was with a company call LuLaRoe.  That’s right….I was one of those girls…..the one who would join all of the groups I could find so I had the chance to get just the design I was looking for….overspending!

Now I will say, LulaRoe and their marketing plan is brilliant, but after spending upwards of 4 figures on their leggings, tops and dresses, I soon found out they were manipulating me.  Not a good feeling.  In fact, I actually looked into selling for them.  Boy did I dodge a bullet!

They require a substantial amount of money to get started with them, and the only choices you could make were, what style and size of products you were interested in.  So many of my friends who actually did join got stuck with product that wouldn’t sell, and had to throw in the towel.  However I do have a couple of friends still in the biz.  I wish them well and love them all

Then, one day my sister said she found this legging company online and she had ordered some leggings from them.  I cannot remember now how much she paid for them, but after paying $25-$30 with Lularoe, anything under $20 was a bargain.

So, I become an affiliate with LaLa Leggings first……not long after I discovered Legging Army, then Legging Girl, and Hello Pink, and a few others who were on the smaller end but all seemed to carry the same products.

This is when I decided to start on the path to starting my own online legging business.  You see, the wholesale cost is fairly decent, and the only problem was you had to purchase 10 of each size and design you wished to sell.  So I continued to search on FB groups and actually stumbled upon some gals who would sell you 1 or 2 of each design….SCORE!

So off I went to start my online legging business while caring for my mom who was dying of cancer, and working my full time job.  It was a struggle to say the least.  It was December 2017 now, I had applied and received my sales license and began searching on how I would put these amazing leggings online to sell.

You see, I was absolutely in Love with Leggings.  I had struggled with my weight, and could not afford to buy a new wardrobe.  I hit a bit of controversy, because many felt they were not appropriate attire for work.  Of course I disagree, and I intend on proving my point.

So now, a year later, I have learned a ton, and my passion for sharing these leggings couldn’t be stronger.

In fact, I have decided that I will resell to others just like me who would like to get 2 or 3 per design, while I build up my following and my retail side of the business.  I see it as a win-win for both parties, so I know it will work out amazing

So sit back, sign up for my RSS feed so you will get notified every time I publish a blog post.  I promise to deliver relevant content that will keep you entertained!

And……in the future, I hope to design tops to go with these amazing leggings that will absolutely be office appropriate so there will be zero controversary.

Have an amazing day!  Chat soon

Priscilla L Brooks, Legging-Lover
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